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Counter caldicotjazz2 Plugins

Operating (17) || Engines (6) || PDA/Mobiles (5) || Browsers (151) || Toolbars (21) || Mozilla (3)
Plugins (96) || Applications (8) || Mime Types (8) || Displaying Plugins: (3 of 96)
Plugins Graph
Apple WebKit 534+ 5 71.43%
Apple WebKit 537.36 1 14.29%
Apple WebKit 605.1.1 1 14.29%
Help on Plugins
A plugin is usually a small program written by someone that is integrated into another bigger application (web browser). The program plugs into that application. Plugins often provide additional functionality that isn't normally available in the host application, for instance in the case of .NET functionality is worth knowing if you have .NET interactive pages, this statistic lists the plugin and any associated components and/or versions.

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Program Software Development Globel Limited UK

Important statistical update (22/06/2005)!
In order to get statistics you must check the correct boxes on initially getting your counter, not everyone wants statistics and for this reason we give you a choice.

Once you are logged on to your statistics updates are suspended for thirty seconds, this is a precautionary measure to avoid conflicts, most updates are instantaneous within a few seconds provided you are not logged on of course.

The word (PRO) has been allocated beside certain statistics, this is a safeguard for the future to notify you that these statistics MAY or MAY NOT be withdrawn from the free model, everything NOT marked (PRO) will always remain FREE! At present the new Globel build is working out extremely efficient and we are receiving sufficient sponsorship to support the service as it stands, if there are any changes to this we will notify you HERE in the footer and give you at least two months notice for any changes that MAY take place, so basically everything is FREE until further notification.

Hit Limits
I am pleased with build 3.5 it's lightening fast and seems to handle heavy loads like a walk in the park, many thousands of you are using my counter now and this does not seem to phase the system at all and with all the information it provides too! At the moment this public counter has not been regulated for hits because of this efficiency, which is great. However; you must also be reminded that as always we reserve the right to remove accounts we feel are excessive for the shared enjoyment of other users, additionally; the same applies as above dependant on sponsorship and support.

Enjoy Paul